The oldest customs of peoples seem to warn us to beware of greed when it comes to accepting what we have received so abundantly from nature. For we can offer nothing of our own to Mother Earth. We must therefore show deep respect when we take, by returning to the earth a part of all that we have received each time, even before we take what is ours.

Walter Banjamin, Sens unique. 1936. Ed. 10/18.

Troubled by reading Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz’s book L’événement anthropocène, long walks in the forests of the Drôme region were the inspiration for this series.

Far from being reminiscent of vedute or capricci celebrating ancient ruins, hunt suggests that the lack of respect shown to nature should be seen as a signal to be taken seriously: replacing predation with diplomacy and awareness of our interdependence is becoming a matter of urgency.


Hunt – 2017 (24 photos) – Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g / 100 cm x 100 cm